Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Wolf Necklace with Custom Color Gem Charm



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IMPORTANT: I curren jewelrytly have a 2 week waitin jewelryg period for all orders before I can jewelry ship them. Please take this in jewelryto accoun jewelryt before orderin jewelryg as un jewelryfortun jewelryately I am n jewelryot able to en jewelrysure delivery of an jewelry item before 2 weeks. I am very sorry for an jewelryy trouble.-----------------------------A perfect gift for yourself or the wolf lover in jewelry your life!This dashin jewelryg double sided wolf was han jewelryd sculpted from polymer clay, pain jewelryted with acrylic pain jewelryts an jewelryd metallic rub, then jewelry fin jewelryished with a sealan jewelryt. From ear to tail tip the wolf measures approx. 1.5 in jewelryches, however, I will take custom orders if you would like him to be larger or smaller.If you would like a wolf color other than jewelry the on jewelrye pictured, please specify the color you would like in jewelry a "n jewelryote to seller" at checkout.**NOTE** Your order is made to order an jewelryd is un jewelryique, so it will vary slightly from the example shown jewelry in jewelry the pictures. I do my best to recreate my pieces exactly, but please allow for a slight variation jewelry due to the han jewelryd-sculptin jewelryg process. I will usually have your item made an jewelryd in jewelry the mail within jewelry 1-2 weeks if you n jewelryeed it soon jewelryer let me kn jewelryow. If you would like a picture of your piece before fin jewelryal paymen jewelryt I can jewelry sen jewelryd you on jewelrye, just sen jewelryd me a message. The marble is a red crackle color, if you wan jewelryt a differen jewelryt marble color, message me =)I also take custom orders for pen jewelrydan jewelryts so you can jewelry have your favorite an jewelryimal, or even jewelry a model of your very own jewelry pet to wear as jewelry or keep as a figurin jewelrye!

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