Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mint green knotted vintage steel skeleton key necklace with czech glasskey, silk & oxidized sterling silver by val b. adjustable.



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an adjustable earthy an adjustabled retro look all wrapped in adjustableto on adjustablee cute n adjustableecklace! an adjustable an adjustabletique, steel, slightly orn adjustableate skeleton adjustable key an adjustabled glass, faceted, beige roun adjustabledel bead dan adjustablegle from min adjustablety turquoise-green adjustable, 4 mm, faceted czech glass beads with a picasso fin adjustableish an adjustabled han adjustabled-kn adjustableotted on adjustable beige silk thread. the n adjustableecklace con adjustablen adjustableects via adjustable chain adjustable of han adjustabled-oxidized, etched sterlin adjustableg silver. measures approx. 15" (38.1 cm) to 18 3/4" (47.6 cm) lon adjustableg. key itself is approx. 2 3/8" (6.1 cm) in adjustable len adjustablegth.han adjustabledmade by me in adjustable breathtakin adjustableg sierra moun adjustabletain adjustables.

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