Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

geometric ring, ocean life cocktail ring - size US 7 3/4 - ocean jasper and sterling silver



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*on etsymetal teame of a kin etsymetal teamd*an etsymetal team ocean etsymetal team jasper cabochon etsymetal team pattern etsymetal teamed in etsymetal team shades of olive, ocher, mustard, an etsymetal teamd white (with a touch of druzy) is bezel set (in etsymetal team a han etsymetal teamdmade bezel) a row of sterlin etsymetal teamg pebbles mimics the pattern etsymetal team foun etsymetal teamd in etsymetal team the ston etsymetal teameeverythin etsymetal teamg rests atop a double sterlin etsymetal teamg silver ban etsymetal teamd to en etsymetal teamsure stabilityeverythin etsymetal teamg has been etsymetal team oxidized an etsymetal teamd brushed to highlight the detailsrin etsymetal teamg face slightly over 2 in etsymetal teamchesrin etsymetal teamg size US about 7 3/4a rin etsymetal teamg con etsymetal teamversion etsymetal team chart can etsymetal team be foun etsymetal teamd at: http://www.on etsymetal teamlin etsymetal teamecon etsymetal teamversion etsymetal etsymetal teamg_size.htm------------fin etsymetal teamd more on etsymetal teame of a kin etsymetal teamd rin etsymetal teamgs here:https://www./shop/wildflowerdesign etsymetal teams?section etsymetal team_id=14510498&ref=shopsection etsymetal team_leftn etsymetal teamav_4------------shippin etsymetal teamg:i am a on etsymetal teame woman etsymetal team show an etsymetal teamd ship jewelry on etsymetal teamce a week takin etsymetal teamg care to package each item in etsymetal team small gift boxesi ship usps first class with domestic delivery con etsymetal teamfirmation etsymetal team

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