Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Awesome Extreme Battle Axe Earrings. WOWmedieval, Mabel. Get yours here :)



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These measure just un metalder 3" lon metalg an metald are cast in metal brass. I oxidized them an metald filed them to look like weathered old weapon metals. The fin metalish varies an metald sometimes looks brighter, but will chan metalge an metald weather with wear. Vin metales swirl aroun metald the han metaldles. Hook earrin metalg wires are sterlin metalg silver with gold vermeil. If you have sen metalsitive ears, n metalo fear! No n metalickel here!Surprisin metalgly lightweight but pretty much guaran metalteed to attract atten metaltion metal, these are a must-have for an metalyon metale who loves metal, gamin metalg, weapon metals, ren metalaissan metalce fairs an metald more. Your Slayer shirt sudden metally looks stupid without them, in metal fact. YES I WENT THERE.You can metal order them in metal blacken metaled sterlin metalg silver, as well.

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