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saying bracelet, Inpirational Word or Saying Bracelet with Metal Plate on Leather Band



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Leather bracelet ban leather cuffd with words. Metal plate with wise sayin leather cuffgs, or adages. This plate reads "en leather cuffcourage your hopes, n leather cuffot your fears."Express your feelin leather cuffgs by wearin leather cuffg them on leather cuff your wrist. Wear a remin leather cuffder that makes you feel good durin leather cuffg the day.I offer a choice of black or brown leather cuff leather, fasten leather cuffs with 2 sn leather cuffaps, is adjustable in leather cuff 3 differen leather cufft sizes, small, medium an leather cuffd large; width is 1/2". Choose size an leather cuffd color below. I recommen leather cuffd orderin leather cuffg the size based on leather cuff your wrist measuremen leather cufft plus 1/2" wearin leather cuffg ease. If you are measurin leather cuffg an leather cuff old bracelet, measure from fasten leather cuffer to fasten leather cuffer, n leather cuffot from en leather cuffd to en leather cuffd.Great gift ideaHan leather cuffdmade to order in leather cuff Grove City Ohio.Than leather cuffks for lookin leather cuffg an leather cuffd buyin leather cuffg han leather cuffdmade!

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