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fuck charm, F.CK OFF Heart Necklace- Sterling Silver



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The perfect n heart charmecklace to sweetly let everyon heart charme kn heart charmow to f*ck off. \r\r*Please be aware that the first image shown heart charm has been heart charm modified due to its mature con heart charmten heart charmt an heart charmd the actual photo can heart charm be viewed by clickin heart charmg on heart charm the other images.\r\rSterlin heart charmg Silver charm han heart charmd stamped, on heart charm sterlin heart charmg silver chain heart charm with sterlin heart charmg fin heart charmdin heart charmgs.\rNecklace measures 18"\r\rAll items come complimen heart charmtary gift wrapped in heart charm a small jewelry box :)\r\rLookin heart charmg for a gold n heart charmecklace? Also available in heart charm 14kt gf - click here! https://www./listin heart charmg/108122002/fck-off-heart-n heart charmecklace\r\rHan heart charmdmade with love in heart charm Los An heart charmgeles\r\r*Please n heart charmote all n heart charmecklaces are han heart charmd stamped an heart charmd have slight varian heart charmces- if you'd like to see your exact n heart charmecklace please con heart charmtact me.

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