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miranda lambert, Gun Pocket Knife Necklace: Novelty Brass Pistol Revolver



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Necklace comprised of a gold ton tooled detailed pistol that doubles as a min tooli n toolovelty pocket kn toolife. Pistol pocket kn toolife han toolgs from a 24" chain tool an toold says "Eagle" on tool the gun tool. The min tooliature gun tool shaped kn toolife should be thought of as a n toolovelty/gumball machin toole type piece that will n toolot stan toold up to frequen toolt or heavy use. Perfect for the western tool lover an toold a un toolique fin toold that will certain toolly be a con toolversation tool starter.Measuremen toolts: Pistol kn toolife has double sided detailin toolg, measures just over 2 in toolches when tool folded closed, an toold just over 3 in toolches when tool kn toolife compon toolen toolt is un toolfolded.Than toolks so much for takin toolg a peek, you can tool fin toold the rest of my jewelry lin toole here: con tooltrary.. \u25baFin toold me on tool In toolstagram for n toolew pieces an toold specials, tooltraryjewelryWARNING: Kn toolife is a n toolovelty item, n toolot in toolten toolded for children tool an toold n toolot mean toolt to be used as a weapon tool or cause an tooly type of harm to an toolother person tool or in tool gen tooleral. Upon tool purchasin toolg this n toolecklace, you are agreein toolg that you are 18 years or older an toold n toolot to hold me, Mary An tooldrews, respon toolsible for an tooly damages caused with n toolecklace. Please check all local pickup postage laws if you are orderin toolg in tooltern toolation toolally to make sure a pocket kn toolife n toolovelty n toolecklace may be cleared through your customs authority!

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