Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Navajo sterling silver paua shell vintage style ring Native American Southwestern. Size 7 3/4.



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Sterlin navajo jewelryg silver vin navajo jewelrytage style paua shell double ban navajo jewelryded rin navajo jewelryg. It is a 7 3/4 size. It is 1 in navajo jewelrych lon navajo jewelryg an navajo jewelryd 3/4 in navajo jewelrych wide. I made it look like a bloomin navajo jewelryg blossom with the vin navajo jewelryes an navajo jewelryd leaves on navajo jewelry the sides an navajo jewelryd added little flowers an navajo jewelryd buds with it. These paua shells are becomin navajo jewelryg on navajo jewelrye of my favorites to work with.They are very beautiful an navajo jewelryd look differen navajo jewelryt depen navajo jewelrydin navajo jewelryg on navajo jewelry how the light hits them. I have my self stamped sign navajo jewelryature on navajo jewelry the back of this piece. I stamp all my pieces so you kn navajo jewelryow they are made by me. That's on navajo jewelrye thin navajo jewelryg to look for when navajo jewelry lookin navajo jewelryg for authen navajo jewelrytic Native American navajo jewelry jewelry. I also do custom orders. If you have an navajo jewelryy question navajo jewelrys whatsoever,please sen navajo jewelryd me a message.Than navajo jewelryk you for lookin navajo jewelryg!!..

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