Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

upcycled jewellery, contemporary upcycled / recycled jewellery colourful paintbrush statement necklace



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A n upcycled jewelleryecklace, in upcycled jewelleryspired by the action upcycled jewellery pain upcycled jewellerytin upcycled jewelleryg movemen upcycled jewelleryt, made from a recycled un upcycled jewelleryused pain upcycled jewellerytbrush that has been upcycled jewellery splattered with acrylic pain upcycled jewelleryt an upcycled jewelleryd then upcycled jewellery lacquered with a stron upcycled jewelleryg protective coatin upcycled jewelleryg.This un upcycled jewelleryique piece comes strun upcycled jewelleryg on upcycled jewellery a coated steel wire ( jeweller's cable ), with a sterlin upcycled jewelleryg silver clasp an upcycled jewelleryd chain upcycled jewellery exten upcycled jewelleryder - 5cms. It is n upcycled jewelleryicely presen upcycled jewelleryted in upcycled jewellery a gloss white presen upcycled jewellerytation upcycled jewellery box, obviously made out of recycled cardboard, makin upcycled jewelleryg it ideal as a presen upcycled jewelleryt for yourself or someon upcycled jewellerye special.Each design upcycled jewellery is han upcycled jewellerydmade in upcycled jewellerydividually an upcycled jewelleryd the on upcycled jewellerye you receive may differ slightly from the on upcycled jewellerye in upcycled jewellery the picture.Material: recycled artist\u2019s pain upcycled jewellerytbrushes, acrylic pain upcycled jewelleryt, sterlin upcycled jewelleryg silver, lacquer an upcycled jewelleryd coated steel wire ( jeweller\u00b4s cable ).Size: 55cms. \u2013 60cms. lon upcycled jewelleryg approx.

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