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vintage, peacock feather leather trophy pin



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Perfect pin leather to put on leather your corduroy blazer, in leather a fan leathertastic mr. fox kin leatherd of way. \rThis great piece is made from recycled leather that has been leather cut in leatherto a trophy shape an leatherd adorn leathered with peacock feather plumage an leatherd a crin leatherkly vin leathertage red velvet ribbon leather. This pin leather is complete with a felt back to keep everythin leatherg in leather place an leatherd n leathereat lookin leatherg.\r\rThe pin leather is 2.5 in leatherches at its highest poin leathert an leatherd then leather 1.5 in leatherches across.\r\rplease let me kn leatherow if you have an leathery question leathers!

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