Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, micro mosaic earrings with natural turquoise dangle style.



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Here we have micro mosaic earrin micro mosaicgs in micro mosaic a tear drop shape with n micro mosaicatural turquoise ston micro mosaice dhips an micro mosaicd n micro mosaicuggets. The copper base is han micro mosaicd cut with a saw an micro mosaicd shaped with san micro mosaicd paper an micro mosaicd then micro mosaic the ston micro mosaice chips are added with an micro mosaic epoxy clay base. The shepherds hook earrin micro mosaicgs are stain micro mosaicless steel with copper bead accen micro mosaicts. There is also a lime jade bead used in micro mosaic each earrin micro mosaicg. They are aproximately 2 in micro mosaicches lon micro mosaicg.

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