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buddha, Sterling Silver Lotus Flower and Pearl Earrings



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I just love lotus flowers an pearld what they stan pearld for. They start life at the bottom of the mud in pearl a pon pearld. As they grow they break above water. \r\rThe lotus flower symbolizes the awakin pearlg to a n pearlew reality or overcomin pearlg a great struggle. The pearl begin pearls as a speck of dirt an pearld turn pearls in pearlto a thin pearlg of beautiful. Even pearl without those thin pearlgs both the pearl an pearld the lotus flower are just beautiful.\r\rAll of the wire an pearld fin pearldin pearlgs used in pearl these earrin pearlgs are sterlin pearlg silver. The lotus is 19mm an pearld electroplated in pearl sterlin pearlg silver. For all in pearlten pearlsive purposes you get the same ben pearlefits as total sterlin pearlg without the cost. This sterlin pearlg platin pearlg will n pearlot chip or wear off n pearlo matter what you do. I've tried to get to the brass in pearl the middle with n pearlo success.\r\rThe earrin pearlgs will come in pearl a protective gift box. They will ship out the same or n pearlext day after paymen pearlt.

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