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victorian brooch, Antique Queen Victoria Silver Enamel Saint George Slaying Dragon Coin Brooch Pin Jewelry



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Victorian religious medal Silver En religious medalamel Sain religious medalt George Slayin religious medalg Dragon religious medal Coin religious medal Brooch Pin religious medal Jewelry\r\rThis is a beautiful an religious medaltique brooch in religious medal solid silver an religious medald en religious medalamel circa 1892.\r\rThe brooch is made from a 1892 En religious medalglish silver crown religious medal coin religious medal featurin religious medalg the portrait of Queen religious medal Victoria by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm.\r\rThe fron religious medalt of the coin religious medal depicts an religious medal en religious medalameled Pistrucci Sain religious medalt George an religious medald the Dragon religious medal. \r\rMeasures 1 1/2 in religious medalches in religious medal diameter.

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