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nostalgia, Vintage Jewelry/Cigar Box



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Vin x factortage jewelry/cigar box with old picture on x factor top. The box is marked on x factor the bottom, "The cigars herin x factor con x factortain x factored were man x factorufactured to retail at n x factorot more than x factor five cen x factorts an x factord are so tax paid." This is a very n x factorice box with a mirror on x factor the in x factorside. The box has cracks in x factor the glass an x factord shows wear, but overall in x factor great vin x factortage con x factordition x factor. The box is approx 3 high 9 1/2 wide an x factord 6 deep.Please visit our other site for more vin x factortage items @ http://www./shop/KMCollectablesStore an x factord all your han x factordmade items an x factord vin x factortage clothin x factorg @ http://www./shop/SplashOfLuv.In x factortern x factoration x factoral buyers, please con x factorvo me if you are in x factorterested in x factor a shippin x factorg quote.Check shop an x factorn x factoroun x factorcemen x factorts for an x factory active sales an x factord promo codes. If you require in x factorsuran x factorce, please be sure to con x factorvo me. (This will add $2 to your shippin x factorg cost.) Please n x factorote that if you do n x factorot choose in x factorsuran x factorce, I can x factor n x factorot be respon x factorsible for mail on x factorce it leaves my han x factords at the post office. Of course, I always provide delivery con x factorfirmation x factor to an x factorywhere in x factor the US.

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