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origami, Yellow Garden- Small Origami post earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Stay In fashion forward Place in fashion forward our city, all orders will be shipped out after April 8th. Than fashion forwardk you an fashion forwardd stay healthy! xoby n fashion forwardiceLen fashion forwarda---prin fashion forwardt on fashion forward fron fashion forwardt *prin fashion forwardts may vary----Japan fashion forwardese Origami & decorative paper cutouts by han fashion forwardd, fused han fashion forwardd pain fashion forwardted wood disks an fashion forwardd sealed with three layers of glaze. This look was origin fashion forwardally design fashion forwarded in fashion forward 2003 on fashion forward patin fashion forwarda metal disks an fashion forwardd has turn fashion forwarded in fashion forwardto n fashion forwardiceLen fashion forwarda's most popular lin fashion forwarde. It has also in fashion forwardspired man fashion forwardy others to look at paper in fashion forward a differen fashion forwardt way. I am con fashion forwardstan fashion forwardtly on fashion forward the look out for n fashion forwardew prin fashion forwardts so, check back often fashion forward. disk size: .75" (20mm) an fashion forwardd sits on fashion forward the ear lobe beautifully post: silver plated3rd picture shows me wearin fashion forwardg the large (1.25)4th picture shows the small an fashion forwardd large side by sidemore prin fashion forwardts available: http://www./shop/n fashion forwardiceLen fashion forwarda?section fashion forward_id=7807765

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