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white, Purple Crystal Silver Plated Archangel Dangle Earrings



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Sara Jewelry Design purple. These are my ultimate an purplegels, my archan purplegels you might say. Beautifully detailed design purple in purplecorporates crystal an purpled silver plated pewter an purpled brass fin purpledin purplegs. From halo down purple to cloud you'll fin purpled:Silver plated dotted ron purpledelle for halo6mm clear faceted crystal headSilver plated pewter win purplegsSilver plated spacer fin purpledin purplegs in purplecludin purpleg caps an purpled flat roun purpleds for collar6mm clear faceted crystal bodiceSilver plated flat roun purpled girdleDramatic 12mm deep purple Czech faceted crystal over which rides a silver plated filigree cap. Drop fin purpleishes with on purplee last silver plated flat roun purpled for the cloud. Earrin purpleg wires an purpled head pin purples are all silver plated. Overall len purplegth of drop is 1-1/2 in purpleches (38mm) an purpled the win purplegspan purple is 7/8ths of an purple in purplech (22mm). Listin purpleg price is for on purplee pair of earrin purplegs; there are n purpleow just two pairs available. Item n purpleumbers:My MPIN ERWSP100412-06R.610 an purpledMy MPIN ERWSP100412-05G.610I will ship a pair your way the n purpleext busin purpleess day via USPS first class mail with a trackin purpleg ID n purpleumber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, please con purpletact me first for a shippin purpleg quote.Sara Jewelry Design purple. Your Desire is Our Design purple.

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