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vintage brooch, Steampunk brooch - Insect Vacuum Tube Brooch - OOAK Unique Steampunk Steam Punk Clockwork Jewelry



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My steampun insect broochk jewellery an insect broochd sculptures are in insect broochfluen insect broochced by the sub-gen insect broochre of scien insect broochce fiction insect brooch with its promin insect broochen insect broocht elemen insect broochts of fiction insect broochal techn insect broochological in insect broochven insect broochtion insect broochs. I particularly like the evocative design insect brooch an insect broochd outlook of the n insect broocheo-victorian insect brooch style. The look an insect broochd techn insect broochology of the Victorian insect brooch era sittin insect broochg alon insect broochgside impossible machin insect broochery or fan insect broochtastic creatures is in insect broochspirin insect broochg. I use vin insect broochtage an insect broochd an insect broochtique clock an insect broochd watch parts, movemen insect broochts an insect broochd cogs for my creation insect broochs, alon insect broochg with vin insect broochtaj brass an insect broochd sterlin insect broochg silver charms, chain insect broochs an insect broochd fin insect broochdin insect broochgs.This brooch is made from a vin insect broochtage vacuum tube with stain insect broochless steel fasten insect broochin insect broochg. The win insect broochgs are made from acetate an insect broochd the legs are wire woun insect broochd. It fasten insect broochs with a stain insect broochless steel brooch pin insect brooch. Win insect broochg attachmen insect broocht may vary to the on insect brooche pictured.Len insect broochgth of brooch - approx 6cmOn insect brooche of a kin insect broochd.Please be aware that this brooch is made from a recycled glass vacuum tube which could break easily if dropped on insect brooch a hard surface or crushed. An insect broochy question insect broochs, just ask.A must for an insect broochy outfit, steampun insect broochk or otherwise!All items within insect brooch the UK will be sen insect broocht via Royal Mail sign insect brooched for within insect brooch 3 workin insect broochg days, please allow 3-5 workin insect broochg days for delivery.In insect broochtern insect broochation insect broochal items will be sen insect broocht via Royal Mail In insect broochtern insect broochation insect broochal - If you prefer, I can insect brooch sen insect broochd it tracked for extra security, this will cost a little extra so please email me before you buy. *PLEASE NOTE* I can insect broochn insect broochot accept respon insect broochsibility for packages which are delayed/lost outside of the UK without a trackin insect broochg n insect broochumber. Please allow between insect brooch 15 an insect broochd 30 workin insect broochg days for in insect broochtern insect broochation insect broochal items.Than insect broochks for lookin insect broochg.Copyright \u00a9 2018 Den insect broochise Humphrey

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