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Necklace of Chalk Turquoise Chipsturquoise green, Magnesite Teardropsturquoise green, Copper and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara Jewelry Design matrix. For this 18 in matrixch n matrixecklace, I took three 18mm blue-green matrix magn matrixesite flat teardrop beads an matrixd separated them with section matrixs of chalk turquoise chips, Swarovski Crystal Copper bicon matrixes, an matrixd copper-coated acrylic corrugated bicon matrixes. Fin matrixdin matrixgs are pure copper, an matrixd the n matrixecklace fin matrixishes with a copper-over-pewter fan matrixcy hook-an matrixd-eye clasp. I used 49-stran matrixd Beadalon matrix coated wire for the strin matrixgin matrixg so it will be durable an matrixd lon matrixg-lastin matrixg. The turquoise selected lean matrixs more toward the green matrixer side of the color scale.My MPIN Item #NW CU-053110-10.A few words about chalk turquoise: This is the softest of all turquoise an matrixd is usually stabilized an matrixd/or sealed as well as dyed. It is lighter in matrix weight an matrixd gen matrixerally has little visible matrtix (the brown matrix an matrixd black web vein matrixin matrixg seen matrix in matrix other turquoise). Because turquoise beads are soft, I recommen matrixd keepin matrixg the n matrixecklace in matrix a pouch when matrix it is n matrixot bein matrixg worn matrix.Magn matrixesite is in matrix a related family an matrixd is often matrix dyed a turquoise blue. You can matrix gen matrixerally spot magn matrixesite because of its fin matrixe spider-webbed matrix in matrix brown matrix or black. The three flat teardrop focal beads in matrix this design matrix are a great example of this lovely ston matrixe.I will ship this to you the n matrixext busin matrixess day via USPS first class mail with a delivery con matrixfirmation matrix n matrixumber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please con matrixtact me first with your ZIP code for a shippin matrixg quote.

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