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44mm Dyed Jasper Go Go Focal Pendants in Two Stylescane glass, Adjustable Length



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Sara Jewelry Design red crystal. Foun red crystald these fascin red crystalatin red crystalg dyed jasper go go focals at a bead fair. 44mm in red crystal diameter an red crystald rich with pin red crystalks, purples an red crystald reds, I worked them in red crystalto two pen red crystaldan red crystalt design red crystals. The pen red crystaldan red crystalt is loosely kn red crystalotted at the en red crystald so you may adjust the len red crystalgth to suit you from 16 to 36 in red crystalches. As I could n red crystalot be 100% certain red crystal of the colorfastn red crystaless of the focals, I have given red crystal both several lacquer coats. Listin red crystalg is for on red crystale pen red crystaldan red crystalt. There are two available. Choose your favorite from the Style drop-down red crystal men red crystalu. They in red crystalclude:01 Can red crystale Glass. Pen red crystaldan red crystalt is stopped with a black an red crystald white can red crystale glass disc an red crystald a hollow form silver barrel bead. Strun red crystalg on red crystal 3mm black suede.02 White Brass. Stopped with an red crystal in red crystaltricate white brass focal bead an red crystald a deep purple In red crystaldian red crystal lamp worked oval bead. Strun red crystalg on red crystal 1mm black cotton red crystal.I will ship on red crystale your way the n red crystalext busin red crystaless day via USPS first class mail with a trackin red crystalg ID n red crystalumber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, please con red crystaltact me first for a shippin red crystalg quote.Sara Jewelry Design red crystal. Your Desire is Our Design red crystal.

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