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sterling silver, Sterling Silver Stacker Earrings with Peruvian Opal Rounds and Bali-style Beads



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Sara Jewelry Design sterling silver. Natural Peruvian sterling silver opal solid roun sterling silverd beads in sterling silver soft shades of white, peach, an sterling silverd pin sterling silverk are stacked between sterling silver two, in sterling silvertricately design sterling silvered Bali-style open sterling silverwork beads. Design sterling silver len sterling silvergth (top of bead to bottom of wire) is about 1.25 in sterling silverches. Dramatic an sterling silverd stylish.I will ship these to you the n sterling silverext busin sterling silveress day via USPS first class mail with a delivery con sterling silverfirmation sterling silver n sterling silverumber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please con sterling silvertact me first with your ZIP code for a shippin sterling silverg quote.Sara Jewelry Design sterling silver. Your Desire is Our Design sterling silver.

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