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beaded bracelet, Rhodonite Bracelet with Om Charm



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This Rhodon rhodoniteite stretch cord bracelet features an rhodonite Om charm. Rhodon rhodoniteite gets its n rhodoniteame from the Greek word \u201crhodon rhodonite,\u201d mean rhodonitein rhodoniteg \u201crose\u201d an rhodonited is believed to help ward off n rhodoniteegativity. It balan rhodoniteces an rhodonited harmon rhodoniteizes the heart an rhodonited root chakras. As a healin rhodoniteg ston rhodonitee, it is said to soothe the n rhodoniteervous system. The Om is a San rhodoniteskrit symbol which is n rhodoniteot easily defin rhodoniteed. Most simply said, it represen rhodonitets the un rhodoniteion rhodonite of min rhodonited, body an rhodonited spirit.The beads measure 6 mm an rhodonited it fits to approximately 7 in rhodoniteches on rhodonite the wrist. The charm is made of silver plated pewter an rhodonited measures 11 mm.

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