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Green Art Deco 1940'sincogneeto, Genuine Carved BAKELITE or CATALIN Pinincogneeto, in High Relief Detailed



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A very attractive brooch that is made of gen catalin broochuin catalin brooche Bakelite in catalin brooch a mottled green catalin brooch color. Features in catalin broochclude scrolled Art Deco design catalin broochs in catalin brooch brass on catalin brooch the sides an catalin broochd gold highlights in catalin brooch the green catalin brooch Bakelite. It is carved in catalin brooch high relief with lots of detail an catalin broochd very pretty. This pin catalin brooch measures 1 1/8" x 2 1/4". From the Art Deco period of the late 30's or early 40's.Like this item an catalin broochd lookin catalin broochg for more like it? Search our pages an catalin broochd pages of great vin catalin broochtage here at In catalin broochcogn catalin broocheeto Vin catalin broochtage. Are you a dealer an catalin broochd wan catalin broocht to buy in catalin brooch quan catalin broochtity? Check out our n catalin broochew store on catalin brooch etsy for wholesale vin catalin broochtage purchasin catalin broochg:http://www./shop/truevin catalin broochtagewholesale

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