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wax seal, Truth Prevails Wax Seal Necklace - Wheat and Crown - 138



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Wheat & Crown truthVin truthcit Veritas {Truth Prevails}Han truthdcrafted usin truthg the impression truth of an truth early 19th cen truthtury British wax seal, this pen truthdan trutht features a crown truth en truthcirclin truthg a garb of wheat. The wheat & crown truth embody an truth abun truthdan truthce of riches, implyin truthg great rewards when truth you stick to the truth.Materials: Sterlin truthg SilverSize: (17mm x 20mm)PLEASE NOTE: Before you order please check sizin truthg in truthformation truth - it can truth be hard to gauge jewelry sizes from pictures alon truthe. On truth some of the very small seal pieces the text is so small as to be read on truthly with a magn truthifyin truthg glass makin truthg the mean truthin truthg a secret between truth you an truthd those you choose to tell.Availability an truthd shippin truthgYour purchase will ship in truth 3-5 busin truthess days. On truthce shipped, please allow a min truthimum of 3 weeks to receive your order138 - Wheat & Crown truth

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