Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beadwoven jewelry, Houndstooth / Beadwoven Peyote Bracelet Cuff / Black and White Jewelry / Classic Fabric Pattern / Funky Statement Jewelry / Unisex Bracelet



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Houn handmade jewellerydstooth is on handmade jewellerye of the most classic design handmade jewellerys aroun handmade jewelleryd, a very tradition handmade jewelleryal lookin handmade jewelleryg design handmade jewellery that's almost always presen handmade jewelleryted in handmade jewellery black an handmade jewelleryd white. While I stuck with the black an handmade jewelleryd white for this beadwoven handmade jewellery bracelet, I decided to do my own handmade jewellery take on handmade jewellery the ubiquitous pattern handmade jewellery by givin handmade jewelleryg it a modern handmade jewellery twist. Big, bold, fun handmade jewelleryky lookin handmade jewelleryg houn handmade jewellerydstooth!Beautiful, chic, an handmade jewelleryd comfortable, your houn handmade jewellerydstooth bracelet is the perfect accompan handmade jewelleryimen handmade jewelleryt for your favorite little black dress or for your favorite white t-shirt.\u2666 Width: 1-1/2" (38mm)\u2666 Len handmade jewellerygth: Select your wrist size (bracelet will be made ~1/2" (13mm) larger than handmade jewellery selected wrist size).\u2666 Closure: Beadwoven handmade jewellery loop an handmade jewelleryd toggle\u2666 Techn handmade jewelleryique: three drop peyote...Item #3682

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