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tentacle, Tentacle Heart Pin



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Even heart an heart octopus has a heart... Yours! Muwahahahaha!These petite pin hearts are so adorable, they will have you wrapped up in heart complimen heartts.Listin heartg is for on hearte pin heart. 1 1/4 in heartch sized. Please choose Ten hearttacle up, or Ten hearttacle down heart.Commen heartts from satisfied Buyers who recen hearttly purchased gifts from our site:" I will defin heartitely be recommen heartdin heartg your busin heartess an heartd will be a repeat customer in heart the future, if you con hearttin heartue con heartjurin heartg up dark, un heartique gifts.""The pictures don heart't do an hearty justice. It's absolutely beautiful. I'm really happy an heartd slightly en heartvious of the gift recipien heartt. Than heartk you so much. "

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