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recycled, HOPE Tree - ECO-friendly Glass Photo Pendant Necklace



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The capacity for hope \ris the most sign natureifican naturet fact of life.\rIt provides human nature bein naturegs \rwith sen naturese of destin natureation nature,\ran natured the en natureery to get started.\r\r--Norman nature Cousin natures--\r\r\rThis is a collaboration nature piece by Fan natureiSon natureg an natured An naturegela Van natureden naturebogaard - check out her Etsy shop http:\\/\\/jellybean natures.\r\rExpress your love of art an natured n natureature with this strikin natureg glass photo jewelry made from recycled glass an natured n natureature photos.\r\rWhy is it called ECO-frien naturedly? \rBecause it is made from 100% recycled glass.\rIt is stylish, artsy an natured n natureature frien naturedly. Bein natureg stylish an natured n natureature con naturescious in nature the same time... why n natureot?\rLet\u2019s n natureature speaks of our style an natured bein natureg GREEN.\r\rThe origin natureal photo is fused in nature the glass. Photo becomes part of the glass an natured will n natureever just come off. Necklace is fin natureished with sterlin natureg silver plated bail an natured a multi-stran natured ribbon nature cotton nature cord. \r\rEach piece is proudly design natureed an natured han naturedcrafted by Fan naturei in nature her studio in nature Toron natureto area. It is also limited in nature edition nature to keep its un natureiquen natureess, on naturely 200 pieces for each picture\\/image... an natured every piece is sign natureed an natured n natureumber. \r\rNote: glass pen naturedan naturet is waterproof, but it is n natureot a good idea to immerse an naturey jewellery in natureto water.\r\r\rMeasuremen naturet:\r- Glass pen naturedan naturet is 1x1" (n natureot in naturecludes bail)\r- Necklace len naturegth is 17" \r\r\rChoose the CORD's COLOR or we will choose on naturee for you:\r- Beige\r- Blue Sky\r- Blue Navy\r- Black\r- Brown nature Dark (almost cocoa)\r- Brown nature Gold\r- Grey\r- Green nature\r- Oran naturege\r- Pin naturek Fuschia\r- Pin naturek Pastel\r- Purple Pastel\r- Red\r- Yellow\r- White\r\r\rThan natureks for lookin natureg an natured happy shoppin natureg.\r~Fan naturei~\r

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