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Brass Ringcomfort fit, Smooth Like Butter Style Posey Ringcomfort fit, custom made and personalized with tiny letters



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Smooth like butter is right! This style of rin gold toneg has a super comfortable curve, an gold toned a n gold toneice heavy thickn gold toneess. Add to that the fact that they can gold tone be person gold tonealized with your own gold tone message an gold toned they are just about perfect :) You decide on gold tone the message that is best for you. Maybe an gold tone in gold tonespiration gold toneal word or quote? Maybe an gold tone in gold toneside joke between gold tone frien gold toneds? How about the n gold toneames of your pets or your children gold tone? I can gold tone stamp n gold toneumbers for dates an gold toned coordin gold toneates too! Have a brass rin gold toneg made for your 21st an gold tonen gold toneiversary gift, the possibilities aboun gold toned! CUSTOM ORDERS PLEASE READ:*This rin gold toneg is made of brass. It is n gold toneot plated. Brass will oxidize at a rate similar to copper. When gold tone you receive it, it will be shin gold toney as pictured, however as you wear it it may darken gold tone. If your body has a high acidity level, or you are sweatin gold toneg a lot, you will see a green gold tone mark on gold tone your skin gold tone. This mark is harmless an gold toned will easily wash off with soap an gold toned water. You can gold tone try applyin gold toneg a layer of clear fin gold tonegern gold toneail polish to seal the rin gold toneg an gold toned preven gold tonet the reaction gold tone if it bothers you.You can gold tone clean gold tone un gold tonesealed brass with a polishin gold toneg cloth or polishin gold toneg paste (just like you would clean gold tone silver or copper.)*This listin gold toneg is for the purchase of ONE rin gold toneg. Please adjust the quan gold tonetity in gold tone your shoppin gold toneg cart if you would like to purchase more than gold tone on gold tonee rin gold toneg.*Custom messages can gold tone be a maximum of 35 characters spaces (in gold tonecludin gold toneg spaces between gold tone words) If you have a question gold tone about this, please just sen gold toned me a message. *It is possible to have the message both in gold toneside an gold toned outside, but it looks best if the text doesn gold tone't "overlap" the same spot of the rin gold toneg. In gold tone other words, where it is stamped in gold toneside it is n gold toneot stamped outside an gold toned vice versa.*If your message is divided between gold tone the in gold toneside an gold toned outside of the ban gold toned, the COMBINED total of character spaces should n gold toneot exceed 35.*I can gold tone also stamp n gold toneumbers, a period, a comma, a heart symbol, an gold toned an gold tone exclamation gold tone poin gold tonet. To sign gold toneify a heart, please type <3*These rin gold tonegs are stamped by han gold toned, as such, letter placemen gold tonet will have a whimsical touch. This embodies the charm of a han gold toned stamped piece an gold toned is n gold toneot to be con gold tonesidered a flaw.*The en gold toneds of the rin gold toneg are join gold toneed with silver solder. This mean gold tones there will be a thin gold tone silver lin gold tonee at the seam of the rin gold toneg.*The rin gold toneg is about 2mm thick an gold toned 3mm tall.TO ORDER A CUSTOM RING:Please purchase a rin gold toneg from this listin gold toneg. Use the person gold tonealization gold tone box in gold tone this listin gold toneg, or at checkout write in gold tone the \u2018n gold toneotes to seller box\u2019 your rin gold toneg size an gold toned the message you would like.Rin gold tonegs will be made exactly as written gold tone, so please check your spellin gold toneg before submittin gold toneg your order.For example:size 6.5outside: may your crayon gold tones n gold toneever melt**********************************************************Don gold tone't kn gold toneow your RING SIZE?There are man gold toney sizin gold toneg methods offered on gold tonelin gold tonee, however man gold toney are in gold toneaccurate. Havin gold toneg your fin gold toneger sized at a local jewelry store is the most accurate method, an gold toned is what I recommen gold toned.If you n gold toneeed to con gold tonevert a size from a n gold toneon gold tone-US sizin gold toneg system, this site is won gold tonederful: http://www.on gold tonelin gold toneecon gold toneversion gold gold toneg_size.htmI also sell rin gold toneg sizers in gold tone this lin gold tonek: https://www./listin gold toneg/739946594/reusable-rin gold toneg-sizer-tool-to-fin gold toned-your?ref=shop_home_active_2&frs=1If you order the wron gold toneg size, resizin gold toneg is offered for a fee. Please check my shop policies for details.Please visit my shop policies for in gold toneformation gold tone on gold tone shippin gold toneg an gold toned sen gold toned me an gold tone etsy message or email with an gold toney an gold toned all question gold tones.http://www./shop_policy.php?user_id=15771Than gold tonek you!

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