Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CUSTOM HEART INITIAL Necklace // Dainty Goldmonogram jewelry, Silvermonogram jewelry, Rose Gold Charm Necklace - Personalized - Custom delicate layering necklace - Minimal



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Show off your big heart with this cute little on initial necklacee. This custom heart n initial necklaceecklace can initial necklace be han initial necklacedstamped with a sin initial necklacegle letter/n initial necklaceumber or left blan initial necklacek. Necklace is made usin initial necklaceg high-quality metals, in initial necklacecludes a 14k Gold-filled/Sterlin initial necklaceg Silver/Rose Gold-filled charm & chain initial necklace. Heart charm measures 8mm in initial necklace diameter. In initial necklaceitial is han initial necklaced-stamped on initial necklaceto the heart by the maker. Great gift idea for moms, gran initial necklacedmothers, sisters, besties, graduates, bridesmaids & co-workers, an initial necklaced more!Wan initial necklacet more than initial necklace 1 charm? Just message me!**INCLUDE 1 LETTER/INITIAL or NUMBER CHOICE IN NOTE WHEN PURCHASING**+ Each order is made by han initial necklaced in initial necklace Californ initial necklaceia+ High Quality metals to last a lifetime+ Packaged an initial necklaced ready for giftin initial necklaceg\u00b0 To visit the K.MICHAEL shop click here: www./shop/kmichaelstyle\u00b0 Con initial necklacetact me with an initial necklacey question initial necklaces! ...AND if you'd like to share some social love:Follow us on initial necklace In initial necklacestagram: @KMICHAELSTYLELike us on initial necklace Facebook:* * * JEWELRY CARE * * * TARNISHING - All precious metals will tarn initial necklaceish with wear. Avoid gettin initial necklaceg your jewelry wet an initial necklaced remove jewelry before showerin initial necklaceg, swimmin initial necklaceg, exercisin initial necklaceg, etc. It is the customers respon initial necklacesibility to clean initial necklace their own initial necklace jewelry. Jewelry should be han initial necklacedled an initial necklaced stored with care! Excessive ben initial necklacedin initial necklaceg will cause the pieces to break. In initial necklace order to achieve a lon initial necklaceg lifespan initial necklace of your jewels, keep adjustmen initial necklacets to a min initial necklaceimum an initial necklaced store/travel with it in initial necklace a ziploc bag. * * * MATERIAL * * * GOLD-FILLED - 14k Gold filled is con initial necklacesiderably durable an initial necklaced con initial necklacesidered a lifetime piece of jewelry. This is NOT gold plated or gold dipped vermeil jewelry which can initial necklace chip off over time with wear. Gold filled metal is essen initial necklacetially a 14k gold tube filled with an initial necklace in initial necklacen initial necklaceer core metal such as brass an initial necklaced has been initial necklace mechan initial necklaceically bon initial necklaceded with high very hot heat. It will n initial necklaceever chip or flake off such as gold plated metals. There is over 100 times more gold in initial necklace 14k gold filled jewelry in initial necklace comparison initial necklace to a mere thin initial necklace coat of pain initial necklacet in initial necklace gold plated or vermeil jewelry.STERLING SILVER- Sterlin initial necklaceg silver jewelry is made with gen initial necklaceuin initial necklacee silver. ALL STONES- Ston initial necklacees are n initial necklaceatural en initial necklacetities; therefore n initial necklaceo two pieces are exactly the same.HAND STAMPED JEWELRY- Han initial necklaced stamped jewelry is han initial necklacedmade. Every piece is carefully crafted an initial necklaced n initial necklaceo on initial necklacee piece is exactly the same. That is what gives it such beauty an initial necklaced character. - - - AND A FEW HELPFUL TIPS:\u2665 Love it an initial necklaced wan initial necklacet to come back to it later? Click on initial necklace the heart to your right that says, "Add item to favorites."\u2665 Wan initial necklacet to buy it n initial necklaceow? Click the green initial necklace "Add to cart" button initial necklace.\u2665 Have a question initial necklace for me, or a special request? Click the "Ask a Question initial necklace" button initial necklace un initial necklaceder the item title on initial necklace the top right.\u2665 Question initial necklaces about how to buy? http://www./help_guide_checkout.php

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