Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Adjustable rin stamped jewelrygs are great for when stamped jewelry you don stamped jewelry't kn stamped jewelryow someon stamped jewelrye's rin stamped jewelryg size, or perhaps you just wan stamped jewelryt a rin stamped jewelryg that looks a little differen stamped jewelryt from a stan stamped jewelrydard ban stamped jewelryd. The silver wire wraps aroun stamped jewelryd your fin stamped jewelryger with a bit of an stamped jewelry overlap on stamped jewelry the fron stamped jewelryt. The design stamped jewelry fits over kn stamped jewelryuckles easily, makin stamped jewelryg it great for wearin stamped jewelryg as a thumb rin stamped jewelryg or on stamped jewelry fin stamped jewelrygers with arthritis.They are made from solid sterlin stamped jewelryg silver an stamped jewelryd have n stamped jewelryice weight an stamped jewelryd comfortable curve. When stamped jewelry placin stamped jewelryg your order, please select the size approximation stamped jewelry you would like the rin stamped jewelryg to start as (you can stamped jewelry adjust it as n stamped jewelryeeded after it arrives). ************************************************************RING DETAILS *Please Read*1. Rin stamped jewelryg dimen stamped jewelrysion stamped jewelrys: the metal strip is approximately 3mm tall an stamped jewelryd 2mm thick2. How lon stamped jewelryg does it take? Click the 'Shippin stamped jewelryg an stamped jewelryd Policies' tab (un stamped jewelryder the photographs an stamped jewelryd at the top of the this description stamped jewelry) for in stamped jewelryformation stamped jewelry on stamped jewelry shippin stamped jewelryg times an stamped jewelryd my shop policies.3. What size can stamped jewelry you order? I can stamped jewelry make virtually an stamped jewelryy whole, half, or quarter size. (Sizes 1-20)4. Do you have other styles of rin stamped jewelrygs? I do offer rin stamped jewelrygs in stamped jewelry differen stamped jewelryt widths an stamped jewelryd thickn stamped jewelryesses. Look in stamped jewelry my custom made items to see the available styles: http://www./shop/Kathryn stamped jewelryRiechert?section stamped jewelry_id=52277035. How lon stamped jewelryg can stamped jewelry my message be?10 characters on stamped jewelry the top an stamped jewelryd 10 characters on stamped jewelry the bottom6. How man stamped jewelryy rin stamped jewelrygs are in stamped jewelrycluded?Price is for ONE rin stamped jewelryg. If you would like to order more than stamped jewelry on stamped jewelrye, please add a rin stamped jewelryg to your shoppin stamped jewelryg cart, an stamped jewelryd then stamped jewelry adjust the quan stamped jewelrytity in stamped jewelry your cart.How do you place an stamped jewelry order? Add a rin stamped jewelryg to your shoppin stamped jewelryg cart an stamped jewelryd proceed through checkout. Durin stamped jewelryg checkout you will see a commen stamped jewelryt box where you can stamped jewelry leave the n stamped jewelryecessary details for your rin stamped jewelryg. To make it easier, copy an stamped jewelryd paste this block of text in stamped jewelryto the commen stamped jewelryt box, an stamped jewelryd then stamped jewelry fill in stamped jewelry the details.Checklist for orderin stamped jewelryg...Divided message (10 spaces per part)top part:bottom part:****** CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS *********FONTS: This style of rin stamped jewelryg is ONLY available in stamped jewelry the all uppercase block fon stamped jewelryt pictured in stamped jewelry the listin stamped jewelryg. I can stamped jewelry also stamp n stamped jewelryumbers, a heart, an stamped jewelryd a few symbols (:;!,=+&".-?/) If you are requestin stamped jewelryg a heart symbol, please sign stamped jewelryify it like this (heart symbol). Your message can stamped jewelry be a total of 10 spaces on stamped jewelry the top an stamped jewelryd 10 spaces on stamped jewelry the bottom. I am un stamped jewelryable to stamp on stamped jewelry the in stamped jewelryside of the rin stamped jewelryg.These rin stamped jewelrygs are stamped by han stamped jewelryd, as such, letter placemen stamped jewelryt will have a whimsical touch. This embodies the charm of a han stamped jewelryd stamped piece an stamped jewelryd is n stamped jewelryot to be con stamped jewelrysidered a flaw. *****CUSTOM ORDER POLICIES*****Rin stamped jewelrygs will be made exactly as written stamped jewelry (aside from quotation stamped jewelry marks). Quotation stamped jewelry marks are on stamped jewelryly in stamped jewelrycluded if you specifically request them in stamped jewelry a statemen stamped jewelryt such as, 'Yes, please in stamped jewelryclude the quotation stamped jewelry marks.'I can stamped jewelryn stamped jewelryot accept return stamped jewelrys on stamped jewelry custom orders, so please make sure the text, spellin stamped jewelryg, an stamped jewelryd size you request are accurate. After I have received your order, chan stamped jewelryges might n stamped jewelryot be possible. For this reason stamped jewelry, a fee to cover time an stamped jewelryd materials (usually $10-$20) will apply if the chan stamped jewelryge requires me to start over on stamped jewelry your piece.***********************************************************I make all of my jewelry by han stamped jewelryd in stamped jewelry my Savan stamped jewelryn stamped jewelryah, GA studio. Please let me kn stamped jewelryow if you have an stamped jewelryy question stamped jewelrys. Than stamped jewelryk you for valuin stamped jewelryg an stamped jewelryd supportin stamped jewelryg han stamped jewelryd crafted art.

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