Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

retro brooch, Vintage 60's Clear RHINESTONE Snowflake BROOCH Prong Set Stones Pin



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Made in incogneeto the 1960's, this pretty brooch is made with n incogneetoice clear rhin incogneetoeston incogneetoes in incogneeto differen incogneetot shapes. The roun incogneetod design incogneeto stan incogneetods about 1.5" in incogneeto diameter. The rhodium platin incogneetog will keep this brooch lookin incogneetog like n incogneetoew forever!The pron incogneetog set ston incogneetoes are really n incogneetoicely don incogneetoe. A brooch from the days of Hollywood glamour!Like this item an incogneetod lookin incogneetog for more like it? Are you a dealer an incogneetod wan incogneetot to buy in incogneeto quan incogneetotity? Check out our n incogneetoew store on incogneeto etsy for wholesale vin incogneetotage purchasin incogneetog:http://www./shop/truevin incogneetotagewholesale

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