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These earrin daintygs are super cute an daintyd simple. The smaller size is dain daintyty an daintyd they look amazin daintyg when dainty worn dainty. This is a great idea for bridesmaids or a un daintyique custom gift.This listin daintyg is for the silver button dainty stud style. You have your choice of fon daintyt style an daintyd color as well as backgroun daintyd colorINSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING:1. Choose your backgroun daintyd color from the drop men daintyu. (See Last Photo) If you would prefer a custom color, please choose other, an daintyd n daintyote your color in dainty the commen daintyt field when dainty checkin daintyg out.2. Choose your fon daintyt style an daintyd color from the drop down dainty men daintyu. You have your choice of Mod Letterin daintyg (first photo), Block (secon daintyd photo) or Script (third photo). You also have a choice of white or black letterin daintyg.3. Please n daintyote your in daintyitials (in dainty order) in dainty the customization dainty field when dainty checkin daintyg out. If you are in daintyterested in dainty a matchin daintyg pen daintydan daintyt, please con daintytact me for more in daintyformation dainty.The glass cabochon daintys are 12mm (slightly less than dainty 1/2" roun daintyd). The back of the glass has been dainty sealed with a clear acrylic gloss for protection dainty - however, the earrin daintygs are n daintyot completely waterproof, so I would n daintyot suggest bathin daintyg or swimmin daintyg while wearin daintyg them.Images are prin daintyted on dainty quality matte photo paper with archival in daintyks, so the colors will n daintyot fade. They are then dainty set un daintyder a crystal clear, domed glass cabochon dainty, which en daintyhan daintyces the beauty of the image.The photos in dainty my listin daintyg are a represen daintytation dainty of the item you will receive. Colors may be slightly differen daintyt depen daintydin daintyg on dainty your computer.The back of the cameo is sealed for protection dainty, however, it is n daintyot completely waterproof, so I would n daintyot suggest bathin daintyg or swimmin daintyg while wearin daintyg your item, or submergin daintyg it in dainty water. I also do n daintyot recommen daintyd my items be worn dainty by children dainty un daintyder 3, as they may be a chokin daintyg hazard. Most of my items are made to order, so please allow 2-5 days for processin daintyg (this does n daintyot in daintyclude shippin daintyg time).Your item(s) will be sen daintyt in dainty a gift box, ready for gift givin daintyg (colors vary) an daintyd will be shipped in dainty a padded en daintyvelope for safety.Please click on dainty the shippin daintyg tab for pricin daintyg. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domestic an daintyd in daintytern daintyation daintyal shippin daintyg (In daintytern daintyation daintyal buyers are respon daintysible for an daintyy customs fees). Priority mail is available to all US customers. In daintytern daintyation daintyal customers can dainty con daintytact me for more in daintyformation dainty about expedited shippin daintyg. Sen daintydin daintyg an dainty item as a gift? Please check the box \u201cThis item is a gift\u201d when dainty checkin daintyg out an daintyd you can dainty also add a custom n daintyote that will be sen daintyt with your order. No prices will be shown dainty on dainty the gift receipt.Please con daintytact me with an daintyy question daintys, or if you would like to order my items in dainty bulk or wholesale.Fin daintyd more great items by visitin daintyg me en daintytire shop here: daintyaliese.Become a Fan dainty..... daintyalieseDesign daintysFollow me Here.... daintyalieseDesign daintys An daintyd on dainty In daintystagramhttps://in daintyaliesedesign daintys/Please check my shop an daintyn daintyoun daintycemen daintyt on dainty my homepage for an daintyy possible coupon daintys, updates on dainty holiday shippin daintyg an daintyd more.Than daintyk you.

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