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beads, Verdigris Patina Brass Coin Kuchi Necklace with Crystals



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Atlan beadstis is a n beadsecklace made of patin beadsated verdigris brass chain beads an beadsd brass stampin beadsgs of coin beadss an beadsd flowers made by the Kuchi people of Afghan beadsistan beads & Pakistan beads, with dan beadsglin beadsg Swarovski aurora borealis crystal beads added. Fasten beadss with a small lobster claw clasp an beadsd I spray the piece with several coats of clear fin beadsish after the patin beadsa has dried. Very lightweight an beadsd comfortable to wear.Len beadsgth is 18 in beadsches. The medallion beadss are 3/4 in beadsch an beadsd 1 1/8 in beadsch.Shippin beadsg weight is 0.12 poun beadsds. Will be shipped by Priority Mail with in beadssuran beadsce in beads the USA, by in beadssured First Class elsewhere. Please pay at time of purchase.If you're in beads the NYC area, you can beads come to my Williamsburg space, an beadsd save on beads shippin beadsg by pickin beadsg it up.Please follow my artist page on beads Facebook. beadsn beadsychapman beadsReturn beadss:All sales are fin beadsal un beadsless the item is sign beadsifican beadstly misrepresen beadsted. We are very careful in beads takin beadsg measuremen beadsts an beadsd describin beadsg items but occasion beadsally miss somethin beadsg. Please check measuremen beadsts carefully, we don beads't n beadsot accept return beadss if the item doesn beads't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a brief defin beadsition beads of the stan beadsdard terms that we use to describe con beadsdition beads: Min beadst: Never worn beads or used, like n beadsew, n beadso flaws.Excellen beadst: Has been beads worn beads, but n beadso visible flaws.Very Good: On beadsly the slightest sign beadss of wear, min beadsor flaws described in beads listin beadsgGood: Very Wearable, with min beadsor flaws an beadsd shows some wearFair: Wearable, with sign beadsifican beadst flaws, also good for pattern beadss or design beads in beadsspiration beads

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