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body chain, Bast Body Drape Chain with Kuchi Pendants and Hearts # 5



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Bast is a body drape made of han bellydanced-an bellydancetiqued silver ton bellydancee light weight chain bellydance with a large domed vin bellydancetage Kuchi pen bellydancedan bellydancet. lavishly embellished with embossed metal hearts an bellydanced vin bellydancetage coin bellydances from In bellydancedia an bellydanced Pakistan bellydance. The pen bellydancedan bellydancet has a frin bellydancege of tin bellydancey bells that make a gen bellydancetle tin bellydanceklin bellydanceg soun bellydanced as you move. Fasten bellydances with a filigree hook in bellydance box clasp. Han bellydancedmade by me in bellydance my Brooklyn bellydance studio.Neck chain bellydance len bellydancegth is 35 in bellydanceches, 17 1/2in bellydancech drop. Body drape chain bellydance len bellydancegth is 42 in bellydanceches, 21 in bellydancech drop. The Kuchi pen bellydancedan bellydancet is 2 x 2 1/2 in bellydanceches, n bellydanceot in bellydancecludin bellydanceg the 1 1/2 in bellydancech bell frin bellydancege.Shippin bellydanceg weight is 0.12 poun bellydanceds. Please pay at time of purchase.If you're in bellydance the NYC area, you can bellydance come to my Williamsburg space, an bellydanced save on bellydance shippin bellydanceg by pickin bellydanceg it up.Please follow Vin bellydancetage Arcan bellydancea on bellydance In bellydancestagram, Pin bellydanceterest, an bellydanced Twitter.Return bellydances:All sales are fin bellydanceal un bellydanceless the item is sign bellydanceifican bellydancetly misrepresen bellydanceted. We are very careful in bellydance takin bellydanceg measuremen bellydancets an bellydanced describin bellydanceg items but occasion bellydanceally miss somethin bellydanceg. Please check measuremen bellydancets carefully, we don bellydance't n bellydanceot accept return bellydances if the item doesn bellydance't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a brief defin bellydanceition bellydance of the stan bellydancedard terms that we use to describe con bellydancedition bellydance: Min bellydancet: Never worn bellydance or used, like n bellydanceew, n bellydanceo flaws.Excellen bellydancet: Has been bellydance worn bellydance, but n bellydanceo visible flaws.Very Good: On bellydancely the slightest sign bellydances of wear, min bellydanceor flaws described in bellydance listin bellydancegGood: Very Wearable, with min bellydanceor flaws an bellydanced shows some wearFair: Wearable, with sign bellydanceifican bellydancet flaws, also good for pattern bellydances or design bellydance in bellydancespiration bellydance

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