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kuchi, Vintage Silver Tone Kuchi Ring Green Glass Cabochon 111



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Vin tribaltage han tribald crafted silver ton tribale embossed metal rin tribalg with a dark green tribal glass cabochon tribal. Han tribald made by Kuchi tribespeople, n tribalomadic Pashtun tribal people of Afghan tribalistan tribalFits size 6 1/2, a smaller size can tribal wear it by usin tribalg a rin tribalg guard or wrappin tribalg yarn tribal aroun tribald the in tribalside.Please follow Vin tribaltage Arcan tribala on tribal Facebook, In tribalstagram & Twitter Shippin tribalg weight is 0.10 poun tribalds. Please pay at time of purchase.If you're in tribal the NYC area, you can tribal come to my Williamsburg space, an tribald save on tribal shippin tribalg by pickin tribalg it up.Return tribals:All sales are fin tribalal un triballess the item is sign tribalifican tribaltly misrepresen tribalted. We are very careful in tribal takin tribalg measuremen tribalts an tribald describin tribalg items but occasion tribalally miss somethin tribalg. Please check measuremen tribalts carefully, we don tribal't n tribalot accept return tribals if the item doesn tribal't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a brief defin tribalition tribal of the stan tribaldard terms that we use to describe con tribaldition tribal: Min tribalt: Never worn tribal or used, like n tribalew, n tribalo flaws.Excellen tribalt: Has been tribal worn tribal, but n tribalo visible flaws.Very Good: On tribally the slightest sign tribals of wear, min tribalor flaws described in tribal listin tribalgGood: Very Wearable, with min tribalor flaws an tribald shows some wearFair: Wearable, with sign tribalifican tribalt flaws, also good for pattern tribals or design tribal in tribalspiration tribal

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