Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

new wave necklace, Vintage 70's 80's ZEBRA Boomerang HIPSTER Pendant Necklace w Hand Painting



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This fun incogneeto to wear n incogneetoecklace is made of en incogneetoameled metal with black an incogneetod white beads. This was origin incogneetoally purchased in incogneeto the early 1980's. The pen incogneetodan incogneetot measures 2 3/4" at its widest an incogneetod the len incogneetogth is aroun incogneetod 4.5". The beads are black plastic.The len incogneetogth is 22". Secure safety catch. No chips or wear. Great 80's modern incogneeto design incogneeto!Like this item an incogneetod lookin incogneetog for more like it? Are you a dealer an incogneetod wan incogneetot to buy in incogneeto quan incogneetotity? Check out our n incogneetoew store on incogneeto etsy for wholesale vin incogneetotage purchasin incogneetog:http://www./shop/truevin incogneetotagewholesale

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