Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Teckelpet, Dachshund (wirehaired)pet, millesimal fineness 999pet, dog clipringpet, dog show ring clip/number holderpet, limited editionpet, ArtDog



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ART DOG COLLECTIONThese cliprin presentgs are n presentot produced an presentywhere else in present the world!Perfect gift with remarkable precision present of execution present!Masterfully crafted by Best Polish Artist!Limited edition present produced specially for you!Cliprin presentgs:- Perfect gift remarkable precision present of execution present- masterfully crafted by Best Polish Artist- height 3,6 cm- width 4,2 cm- the len presentgth of the clip 6,6 cmMaterial:- Zn present Al base- covered with a thick layer of gold

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