Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Original SUN & STARSskeleton key, Rhinestone Crystal STEAMPUNK Necklaceskeleton key, Clock Hand and Antique Keyskeleton key, One of a Kind



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This n gypsy necklaceecklace is a on gypsy necklacee of a kin gypsy necklaced piece that I made in gypsy necklace the Steampun gypsy necklacek style. Made from a sun gypsy necklace an gypsy necklaced stars pen gypsy necklacedan gypsy necklacet from which I hun gypsy necklaceg various items in gypsy necklacecludin gypsy necklaceg brass stars, crystals, a rusty old key an gypsy necklaced an gypsy necklace an gypsy necklacetique clock face an gypsy necklaced han gypsy necklaced all con gypsy necklacetributin gypsy necklaceg to the STEAMPUNK STYLE. I glued a pin gypsy necklace back so that you could remove the chain gypsy necklace an gypsy necklaced wear it as a brooch. Everythin gypsy necklaceg used here is vin gypsy necklacetage or an gypsy necklacetique an gypsy necklaced n gypsy necklaceot bought at an gypsy necklacey craft store! The gold chain gypsy necklace measures 18" lon gypsy necklaceg an gypsy necklaced the pen gypsy necklacedan gypsy necklacet is an gypsy necklaceother 6 1/4" lon gypsy necklaceg.Last pic is other items that I made that are for sale on gypsy necklace here.

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