Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Raven Pendantpendant, Necklace or Key Chain - Halloween Pendant - Raven Necklacependant, Black Raven



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Please read en branchtire description branch for importan brancht in branchformation branch\u2026.This black raven branch is sittin branchg on branch a bran branchch in branch fron brancht of a green branch sky an branchd crescen brancht moon branch. There is also a bat in branch the corn brancher.You have your choice of a PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in branch 4 colors:Shin branchy SilverBron branchzeCopperBlackPlease make your style an branchd color choice from the drop down branch men branchus when branch checkin branchg out. The PENDANT measures 25mm (1\u201d Roun branchd). With the attached bail, it measures about 1 1/2" lon branchg an branchd the bail is large en branchough to fit most chain branchs.The NECKLACE comes with a matchin branchg oval lin branchk chain branch in branch your choice of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.The KEY CHAIN has a large, sturdy split rin branchg attached.Images are prin branchted on branch quality matte photo paper with archival in branchks, so the colors will n branchot fade. They are then branch set un branchder a crystal clear, domed glass cabochon branch, which en branchhan branchces the beauty of the image.The photos in branch my listin branchg are a represen branchtation branch of the item you will receive. Colors may be slightly differen brancht depen branchdin branchg on branch your computer.The back of the cameo is sealed for protection branch, however, it is n branchot completely waterproof, so I would n branchot suggest bathin branchg or swimmin branchg while wearin branchg your item, or submergin branchg it in branch water. I also do n branchot recommen branchd my items be worn branch by children branch un branchder 3, as they may be a chokin branchg hazard. Most of my items are made to order, so please allow 2-5 days for processin branchg (this does n branchot in branchclude shippin branchg time).Your item(s) will be sen brancht in branch a colorful organ branchza bag ready for gift givin branchg (colors vary) an branchd will be shipped in branch a padded en branchvelope for safety.Please click on branch the shippin branchg tab for pricin branchg. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domestic an branchd in branchtern branchation branchal shippin branchg (In branchtern branchation branchal buyers are respon branchsible for an branchy customs fees). Priority mail is available to all US customers. In branchtern branchation branchal customers can branch con branchtact me for more in branchformation branch about expedited shippin branchg. Sen branchdin branchg an branch item as a gift? Please check the box \u201cThis item is a gift\u201d when branch checkin branchg out an branchd you can branch also add a custom n branchote that will be sen brancht with your order. No prices will be shown branch on branch the gift receipt.Please con branchtact me with an branchy question branchs, or if you would like to order my items in branch bulk or wholesale.Fin branchd more great items by visitin branchg me en branchtire shop here: branchaliese.Become a Fan branch..... branchalieseDesign branchsFollow me Here.... branchalieseDesign branchs An branchd on branch In branchstagramhttps://in branchaliesedesign branchs/Please check my shop an branchn branchoun branchcemen brancht on branch my homepage for an branchy possible coupon branchs, updates on branch holiday shippin branchg an branchd more.Than branchk you.

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