Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18 inch, Earring and Necklace Set of Gold Plated Christmas Tree Pewter Charms with Swarovski Crystals



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Sara Jewelry Design chatons. These charmin chatonsg pewter charms are in chatons an chatons an chatonstiqued-gold plated fin chatonsish, an chatonsd I have set them with two peridot green chatons Swarovski chaton chatonss, two light Siam red, an chatonsd on chatonse crystal clear to top the tree. Each charm is approximately 19x11mm in chatons size, an chatonsd the set in chatonscludes two moun chatonsted as dan chatonsgle earrin chatonsgs on chatons gold-plated fish hook ear wires, an chatonsd on chatonse moun chatonsted as a pen chatonsdan chatonst charm on chatons an chatons 18-in chatonsch 14kt gold filled light lin chatonsk chain chatons. A perfect stockin chatonsg stuffer or somethin chatonsg to get you in chatons the mood for holiday shoppin chatonsg.Listin chatonsg is for on chatonse set; I have just on chatonse set left:MPIN PARUGP092014-03.782I will ship a set your way the n chatonsext busin chatonsess day via USPS first class mail with a trackin chatonsg ID n chatonsumber. If you n chatonseed expedited shippin chatonsg, please con chatonstact me first for a shippin chatonsg quote.Sara Jewelry Design chatons. Your Desire is Our Design chatons.

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