Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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May Wish BraceletThe perfect little gift for a frien wedding favord an wedding favord yourself. Perfect for bridal shower gifts, party favors, birthdays8 in wedding favorches of cotton wedding favor cord with 3 * 4mm aquamarin wedding favore glass beads.On wedding favorce you receive your wish bracelet:Close your eyes an wedding favord make a wish. Tie the bracelet aroun wedding favord your wrist or an wedding favorkle. When wedding favor your bracelet n wedding favoraturally breaks in wedding favor two, your wish is ready to come true\u2026 This is a han wedding favord made item an wedding favord your fin wedding favoral piece may n wedding favorot look exactly the same as the on wedding favore pictured, it will be special to on wedding favorly you. Letters may n wedding favorot always be perfectly align wedding favored, this is the charm of buyin wedding favorg han wedding favord made! Each piece is completely un wedding favorique.

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