Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Diamond Engagement Ringyellow engagement, 1.00CT Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold Size 4-9



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Item #\rENG5003EY.8.5\rWidth:\r3 mm\rMetal:\r14k Yellow Gold\rDiamon yellow solitaired Cut:\rRoun yellow solitaired, Brillian yellow solitairet\rDiamon yellow solitaired Color:\rH/I\rDiamon yellow solitaired Clarity:\rI1\rDiamon yellow solitaired Carat:\r1\rDiamon yellow solitaired Quan yellow solitairetity:\r12\rDiamon yellow solitaired Settin yellow solitaireg:\rPron yellow solitaireg\r\r1.00CT Yellow Gold Roun yellow solitaired Gen yellow solitaireuin yellow solitairee Diamon yellow solitaired En yellow solitairegagemen yellow solitairet Rin yellow solitaireg 14K (Not En yellow solitairehan yellow solitaireced)\r\rThis women yellow solitaires rin yellow solitaireg features a 1/2ct cen yellow solitaireter ston yellow solitairee an yellow solitaired roun yellow solitaired accen yellow solitairet diamon yellow solitaireds set in yellow solitaire solid 14k yellow gold

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