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Arrow n sagittarius necklaceecklace comprised of an sagittarius necklace an sagittarius necklacetiqued copper arrow measurin sagittarius necklaceg 2 1/2" is wrapped with rose gold colored wire, han sagittarius necklacegin sagittarius necklaceg from an sagittarius necklace an sagittarius necklacetiqued copper cable chain sagittarius necklace. Choose len sagittarius necklacegth at checkout: 22". 24". 26". 28". ***origin sagittarius necklaceal WearYourWild design sagittarius necklace***Wan sagittarius necklacet more than sagittarius necklace on sagittarius necklacee arrow per n sagittarius necklaceecklace? I can sagittarius necklace do that! Each addition sagittarius necklaceal arrow is $8.00. You can sagittarius necklace also have whatever color wire that you'd like. You can sagittarius necklace see a variety of colors in sagittarius necklace my arrow jewelry section sagittarius necklace. The lin sagittarius necklacek to that section sagittarius necklace is below. Con sagittarius necklacevo me an sagittarius necklaced I'll be happy to set a listin sagittarius necklaceg up for you.More arrow jewelry can sagittarius necklace be foun sagittarius necklaced here: see more of my han sagittarius necklacedmade jewelry in sagittarius necklace my Etsy shop, click this lin sagittarius necklacek:WearYourWild.IG @wearyourwildAll jewelry comes n sagittarius necklaceestled in sagittarius necklace recycled, rustic kraft gift boxes tied with bakers twin sagittarius necklacee, jute strin sagittarius necklaceg or wrapped in sagittarius necklace washi tape.FREE gift wrappin sagittarius necklaceg is available upon sagittarius necklace request. You can sagittarius necklace see the available paper in sagittarius necklace the last photo. If you'd like your item gift wrapped please fill out the Person sagittarius necklacealization sagittarius necklace section sagittarius necklace at checkout.Than sagittarius necklaceks for supportin sagittarius necklaceg han sagittarius necklacedmade!Katie @ Wear Your Wild

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