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Flower Bead Braceletmothers day, Flower Blossomsmothers day, Redmothers day, White & Blackmothers day, Gifts for Hermothers day, Artisan Glass Braceletmothers day, Floral Chic



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Flower Bead Bracelet, Flower Blossoms, Red, White & Black, Gifts for Her, Artisan glass jewelry Glass Bracelet, Floral ChicThis eye catchin glass jewelryg bracelet was made with sterlin glass jewelryg silver, red art glass discs, an glass jewelryd red, black an glass jewelryd white art glass beads with pretty flower blossoms. The bracelet measures about 7 3/4 in glass jewelryches lon glass jewelryg an glass jewelryd has a sterlin glass jewelryg silver lobster claw clasp.To view more of our bracelets, please visit: https://www./shop/zen glass jewelrycreation glass jewelrys04?section glass jewelry_id=5007868&ref=shopsection glass jewelry_leftn glass jewelryav_3Please visit our shop home page for coupon glass jewelry codes, upcomin glass jewelryg sales, policies an glass jewelryd special an glass jewelryn glass jewelryoun glass jewelrycemen glass jewelryts: https://www./shop/zen glass jewelrycreation glass jewelrys04

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