Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, A gold vermeil plated sterling silver twig bracelet



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I foun natured a buddin natureg bran naturech in nature my garden nature early in nature the sprin natureg an natured had a mold made an natured cast it in nature sterlin natureg silver. \r\rI decided to make it in natureto a bracelet an natured have worn nature min naturee for most of the year.\r\rI am n natureow ready to sell these an natured I absolutely love min naturee.\r\rThis listin natureg is for a 18K gold vermeil twig bracelet\r\rTry layerin natureg them up an natured wear a couple of silver twigs with a gold in nature between nature.\r\rThese bracelets are mean naturet to be adjusted to your own nature wrist so feel free to squeeze them in natureto shape an natured don nature't be frighten natureed!!

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