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"Not just the color of a ribbon chronic illness - a promise of hope"Hope is the common chronic illness thread. There are differen chronic illnesst ribbon chronic illnesss used to brin chronic illnessg awaren chronic illnessess to man chronic illnessy causes - hope is what brin chronic illnessgs them all together.The han chronic illnessdcrafted fin chronic illnesse silver circle measures approx 7/8" an chronic illnessd is accompan chronic illnessied by a blue awaren chronic illnessess ribbon chronic illness.Blue is the adopted color of awaren chronic illnessess for Colon chronic illness Can chronic illnesscer, Arthritis an chronic illnessd Hun chronic illnesstin chronic illnessgton chronic illness's Disease.Comes on chronic illness your choice of 16", 18", or 20" sterlin chronic illnessg silver box chain chronic illness.Addition chronic illnessal awaren chronic illnessess design chronic illnesss are available in chronic illness the "Awaren chronic illnessess Jewelry" section chronic illness:https://www./shop/silverdragon chronic illnessfly260?section chronic illness_id=7740912&ref=shopsection chronic illness_leftn chronic illnessav_3This n chronic illnessecklace will be gift boxed an chronic illnessd will ship 3-5 busin chronic illnessess days after purchase.

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