Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelrygray,necklace and earring set in brass and natural marble beadsgray, hand forged



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This n hand madeecklace an hand maded earrin hand madegs feature han hand maded cut an hand maded forged roun hand maded brass cabochon hand mades that have a hammered design hand made on hand made them The earrin hand madegs have in hand madeterestin hand madeg chain hand mades dan hand madeglin hand madeg below the forged circles an hand maded han hand madeg about 2 in hand madeches total len hand madegth. The shepherds hooks are gold plated steel. The n hand madeecklace has a variety of shapes of real ston hand madee marble beads with seed bead spacers between hand made them . The clasp is gold plated brass an hand maded is lobster claw style. The n hand madeecklace is about 19 in hand madeches lon hand madeg. This n hand madeeutral colored set would be very versatile with man hand madey outfits.

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