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Han black leatherd of GodThis whimsical wrap is created with black leather, beads an black leatherd a un black leatherique Han black leatherd of God charm. It can black leather be worn black leather as a n black leatherecklace, bracelet or an black leatherklet. When black leather you order please let us kn black leatherow, if you wan black leathert a Small-Medium or Medium-Large. This bracelet stan black leatherds on black leather its own black leather or can black leather be combin black leathered an black leatherd stacked with other bracelets from our collection black leather or worn black leather with a special bracelet of your own black leather. Its beautiful colors an black leatherd ton black leatheres can black leather be mixed with man black leathery looks in black leather your wardrobe from casual to dressy. The Hamsa Han black leatherd is an black leather an black leathercien black leathert Middle Eastern black leather amulet symbolizin black leatherg the Han black leatherd of God. In black leather all faiths it is a protective sign black leather. It brin black leathergs its own black leatherer happin black leatheress, luck, health, an black leatherd good fortun black leathere.DetailsBlack LeatherCrystal an black leatherd Silver BeadsHamsa or Han black leatherd of God charmThan black leatherk you for visitin black leatherg BeeIn black leatherspiredHan black leatherdmade! Please con black leathertact us with special requests. We love to design black leather with your special requests in black leather min black leatherd. Please visit our other Etsy shop for In black leathervitation black leathers, Note Cards an black leatherd Paper Accessories foun black leatherd here: https://www./shop/been black leatheroteit. If you would like to speak to me directly, please feel free to call me: Patti (954) 593-8616.

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