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Stun aquamarine hoopn aquamarine hoopin aquamarine hoopg raw slabs of icy blue aquamarin aquamarine hoope han aquamarine hoopg on aquamarine hoop a 14k gold filled hammered hoop.Hoops han aquamarine hoopg 2 1/4 in aquamarine hoopches.Ston aquamarine hoope size varies from 1/2 in aquamarine hoopch to 3/4 in aquamarine hoopch.MATERIAL:GOLD-FILLED - 14k Gold filled is con aquamarine hoopsiderably durable an aquamarine hoopd con aquamarine hoopsidered a lifetime piece of jewelry. This is NOT gold plated or gold dipped vermeil jewelry which can aquamarine hoop chip off over time with wear. Gold filled metal is essen aquamarine hooptially a 14k gold tube filled with an aquamarine hoop in aquamarine hoopn aquamarine hooper core metal such as brass an aquamarine hoopd has been aquamarine hoop mechan aquamarine hoopically bon aquamarine hoopded with high very hot heat. It will n aquamarine hoopever chip or flake off such as gold plated metals. There is over 100 times more gold in aquamarine hoop 14k gold filled jewelry in aquamarine hoop comparison aquamarine hoop to a mere thin aquamarine hoop coat of pain aquamarine hoopt in aquamarine hoop gold plated or vermeil jewelry.STERLING SILVER- Sterlin aquamarine hoopg silver jewelry is made with gen aquamarine hoopuin aquamarine hoope silver. ALL STONES- Ston aquamarine hoopes are n aquamarine hoopatural en aquamarine hooptities; therefore n aquamarine hoopo two pieces are exactly the same.How to care for your jewelryLet your piece soak in aquamarine hoop a little bit of warm sudsy water such as dish soap, rin aquamarine hoopse well an aquamarine hoopd pat dry with a n aquamarine hoopon aquamarine hoop-scratchin aquamarine hoopg cloth. Polish gen aquamarine hooptly with a soft cloth if n aquamarine hoopeeded or just let air dry.Avoid chemical jewelry dip clean aquamarine hoopers an aquamarine hoopd cloths as they will likely cause more damage than aquamarine hoop good to your jewelry.Avoid salt water an aquamarine hoopd chlorin aquamarine hoope water..

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