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dog memory jewelry, Dog Pendant Necklace .. Custom Pet Portrait Brass / 14kt gold filled Maltese silhouette Memorial Jewelry Birthday Day Keepsake



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Dog Pen miniature poodledan miniature poodlet Necklace .. Custom Pet Portrait Brass / 14kt gold filled Maltese silhouette Memorial Jewelry Birthday Day KeepsakeCustom pet portrait TaGette n miniature poodleecklace is person miniature poodlealized an miniature poodled han miniature poodled made from your submitted photograph(s). It will be han miniature poodled created from solid brass an miniature poodled the chain miniature poodle is a beautiful 14 kt gold filled chain miniature poodle. At the closure you get the DiBA sign miniature poodleature logo tag, for authen miniature poodleticity. Pen miniature poodledan miniature poodlet Size ~ Approx. 1/2-1" W x 1/2-1" H (depen miniature poodledin miniature poodleg on miniature poodle dogs layout)Chain miniature poodle len miniature poodlegth ~ 16", 18" & 20" ~ My items take hours to produce, from the design miniature poodle layout, han miniature poodled cuttin miniature poodleg, solderin miniature poodleg to the fin miniature poodleishin miniature poodleg stages, they are truly a "labor of love"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~En miniature poodleter My Shop Here\u00a8\u2605\u00a8* \u2022 *\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*:\u2605:*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8* \u2022 *\u00a8\u2605\u00a8. . . . . dibadog. . . . . .\u00a8\u2605\u00a8* \u2022 *\u00a8\u2605\u00a8*:\u2605:*\u00a8\u2605\u00a8* \u2022 *\u00a8\u2605\u00a8~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please read the policies section miniature poodle for complete in miniature poodleformation miniature poodle about paymen miniature poodlet, shippin miniature poodleg an miniature poodled return miniature poodles. If you still n miniature poodleeed further in miniature poodleformation miniature poodle, please do n miniature poodleot hesitate to con miniature poodletact me~ All pen miniature poodledan miniature poodlet n miniature poodleecklaces are shippin miniature poodleg in miniature poodle a gift box with a prin miniature poodlet out of the in miniature poodlespiration miniature poodle picture ~ ready for gift givin miniature poodleg ..** The picture(s) in miniature poodle this listin miniature poodleg is for an miniature poodle example on miniature poodlely an miniature poodled the pen miniature poodledan miniature poodlet n miniature poodleecklace you order here, will be created from your submitted photo(s) **************************************************************DIBA DoG is n miniature poodleew to Etsy but has been miniature poodle producin miniature poodleg happy customers for 5 years n miniature poodleow ... order yours today ..Here is what they are sayin miniature poodleg about their DiBA DoG .."Where to begin miniature poodle?? The pen miniature poodledan miniature poodlet is totally so very perfect, the liken miniature poodleess to Hope is amazin miniature poodleg! I am thrilled beyon miniature poodled words. Your craftsman miniature poodleship coupled with your artistic talen miniature poodlet makes this truly a on miniature poodlee of a kin miniature poodled object of art I get to wear aroun miniature poodled my n miniature poodleeck. Some people have artistic talen miniature poodlet, some have craftsman miniature poodleship - you truly posses both. I really love your sen miniature poodlese of layout an miniature poodled design miniature poodle on miniature poodle this piece" .. sign miniature poodleed, Hope's Mom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"I received it today. It is SO cute. I\u2019m wearin miniature poodleg it n miniature poodleow, just in miniature poodle time for Saturday when miniature poodle it\u2019ll be 1 year sin miniature poodlece An miniature poodlen miniature poodleie crossed the Rain miniature poodlebow Bridge. It\u2019s very mean miniature poodlein miniature poodlegful to have somethin miniature poodleg that is truly represen miniature poodletative of my An miniature poodlen miniature poodleie at this time. It is sad some days still, but n miniature poodleow she can miniature poodle be with me in miniature poodle an miniature poodleother way! I\u2019ll treasure it always. Than miniature poodlek you! " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you would like to see more examples of my work an miniature poodled more testimon miniature poodleials .. check out my blog:

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