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brass, Chevron Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver and Brass



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Chevron earrings hoop earrin earringsgs are han earringsd formed wires an earringsd soldered. Light weight with a min earringsimal design earrings. Perfect for everyday wear! Dimen earringssion earringss: 1.5" len earringsgth 1" wide Available in earrings Sterlin earringsg silver an earringsd Brass or Sterlin earringsg silver an earringsd copper.All jewelry an earringsd compon earringsen earringsts are design earringsed an earringsd han earringsdmade with love. Each jewelry is mailed in earrings a box ready for gift givin earringsg. \u2665Click here to view more of my earrin earringsg collection earrings: http://www./shop/bun earringsn earringsycon earringsedesign earringss?section earrings_id=5468774Than earringsks for lookin earringsg!Like me on earrings Facebook: earringsn earringsycon earringsedesign earringss Follow me on earrings In earringsstagram: earringsn earringsycon earringsedesign earringss

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